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Scientific Name Acer rubrum
Common Name Red maple
Family Aceraceae
Info Red maple is one of the first trees to flower in the springs, appearing with small, red petals and slender stalks. The wood makes great lumber, and the sap can be used to make maple syrup.

Some trees are entirely male, producing no seeds; some are entirely female; and some are monoecious, bearing both male and female flowers. On monoecious trees, functioning male and female flowers usually are separated on different branches. Sex of the flower is not a function of tree vigor. The species shows a tendency toward dioeciousness rather than toward dichogamy.

Found By Sheila Tirey
Date Found 9/10/2014
Resource USDA
Native Native
Links Acer rubrum at NE Area State and Private Forestry.
Acer rubrum at USDA
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