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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Quercus nigra

Scientific Name Quercus nigra
Common Name Water Oak
Family Fagaceae
Info The Water Oak is a deciduous oak native to the southeastern U.S. and has a northern to central distribution in Florida. As it's name implies, this oak in the red oak group is well adapted to hydric conditions. Though it is best suited to wetlands, the Water Oak can also be found in dryer, better drained soils as well. The leaves of the Water Oak are fairly distinctive, with a three-lobed spatulate shape. The leaves are alternately arranged, and tend to fall late in the year. The tree itself may grow to thirty meters in size, with a trunk of up to one meter in diameter. Several individuals of this species can be found in the USF GeoPark area. This area was once a sandhill ecosystem, but has succeeded to evergreen hardwood hammock dominated by Live Oaks.
Found By Horrigan
Date Found 2/12/2015
Native Native
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