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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Juniperus conferta

Scientific Name Juniperus conferta
Common Name Shore juniper, Japanese shore juniper
Family Cupressaceae
Info Shore juniper (or Japanese shore juniper) is a dense, low-growing, evergreen groundcover native to the coastal areas of Northern Japan. Typically this plant grows from 12-18 inches in height, though var. 'Compacta' is often less than a foot in height. Despite it's relatively short height, shore juniper can spread out to 8ft. or more (important to note when planting). The blue-green needles of J. conferta are soft, but sharp, are around 1/2"" in length, and occur in whorled groups of 3. J.conferta is dioecious (separate male and female plants) and female plants produce dark blue/black, fleshy seed cones (almost berry-like). This species grows best in well-lit and well-drained areas.
Found By Mark Lareau
Date Found 2/18/2015
Native Non-native
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