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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Epipremnum pinnatum

Scientific Name Epipremnum pinnatum
Common Name Golden Pothos
Family Araceae
Info Evergreen vine growing to 20 m (66 ft) tall, with stems up to 4 cm (2 in) in diameter, climbing by means of aerial roots which adhere to surfaces. The leaves are alternate, heart-shaped, entire on juvenile plants, but irregularly pinnatifid on mature plants, up to 100 cm (39 in) long and 45 cm (18 in) broad [juvenile leaves much smaller, typically under 20 cm (8 in) long]. The flowers are produced in a spathe up to 23 cm (9 in) long. This plant produces trailing stems when it climbs up trees and these take root when they reach the ground and grow along it.
Found By Tluczek, B.
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