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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Elephantopus elatus

Scientific Name Elephantopus elatus
Common Name elephant's-foot
Family Asteraceae
Info "Plants (1–)6–7+ dm. Leaves mostly basal at flowering; blades oblanceolate, 9–14(–20+) cm × 20–35(–45+) mm (including petioles), abaxial faces pilose to hirsute, adaxial sparsely pilose to hirsute. Bracts rounded-deltate to lance-deltate, 8–12+ × 6–8+ mm. Inner phyllaries 6–8 mm, ± densely strigose to villous, hairs (0.3–)0.5–1 mm. Cypselae 3–3.5 mm; pappi 3–4 mm. 2n = 22."
Found By Grayson Conklin
Date Found 2015/10/09
Native native
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