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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Scientific Name Philodendron bipinnatifidum
Common Name Selloum
Family Araceae
Info "This plant is native to South America, namely to Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay but is also cultivated as a landscape plant in the gulf coast and east coast of the United States, such as in Florida. This plant is also cultivated as a landscape plant in tropical Asian countries such as the Philippines. The leaves are simple, large, deeply lobed, and are usually drooping. These can grow up to 4ñ5 m wide, and are attached to long, smooth petioles. They are a deep green color, and since these plants are grown in the tropics, there is no apparent color change that correlates with the fall season."
Found By "Douglas Franz, Angel Aquino"
Date Found 1/24/2013
Native Nonnative
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