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View USF Tampa Plant Record: Codiaeum variegatum

Scientific Name Codiaeum variegatum
Common Name Croton
Family Euphorbiaceae
Info "Family: Euphorbiaceae Summary: A shrub with thick, evergreen and colorful leaves and small flowers. In the wild, it grows much taller, up to ten feet. Typically is grown around offices or greenhouses. Nativity/Habitat: Native to Southern Asia, Indonesia, and other eastern Pacific islands. Morphology/Physiology: Foliage: Leathery, shiny colorful evergreen simple leaves, arranged spirally. Colors can range from yellows to purples and reds. Trunk/Branches: Poisonous bark and branches. Typically grows from 3 to 8 feet. Flower: The Croton flowers in the winter. The flower is actually a cluster of one female flower and several male flowers around it. Fruit/Seed: Inconspicuous, dry, hard brown fruits. Growth Requirements: The Croton has a slow growth rate, grows in part shade and part sun areas. Tolerates acidic soil, and is highly drought tolerant. Uses/Fun Facts: Written by Arian Farid"
Found By "Douglas Franz, Angel Aquino"
Date Found 1/22/2013
Native Nonnative
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