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Scientific Name Paederia foetida
Common Name Skunk Vine
Family Rubiaceae
Info "This invasive plant did not receive its common name ìskunkvineî for smelling like a rose. In fact the species name, foetida, is Latin for ìstinkyî or ìfoul smellingî. When the leaves or stems of skunkvine are crushed or broken, a displeasing, foul odor is released. The foul odor of skunkvine is derived from the sulfur compounds in its leaves. Sometime before 1897 at a USDA Field Station, Paederia foetida, or skunkvine, was introduced from Asia to Hernando County, Florida as a potential fiber crop. Skunkvine was reported as a troublesome weed very early in its introduction, escaping into native areas throughout Florida. It was soon recognized as an economically important invasive weed. In 1993, skunkvine was labeled a Category 1 species on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Councilís List of Invasive Species. In 1999, it was placed on the Florida Noxious Weed List. Currently skunkvine is found in at least 17 counties in central and north central Florida."
Found By "S Tirey, K Fleming, P Simoes"
Date Found 10/15/2013
Resource USDA
Native non-native
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