USF Species Project

The Tampa Campus.

All USF Tampa Plant Records

Common Name: Rosary Pea
Scientific Name: Abrus precatorius
Family Name: Fabaceae
Common Name: Bougainvillea
Scientific Name: Bougainvillea glabra
Family Name: Nyctaginaceae
Common Name: Air Potato
Scientific Name: Dioscorea bulbifera
Family Name: Dioscoreaceae
Common Name: Golden Pothos
Scientific Name: Epipremnum pinnatum
Family Name: Araceae
Common Name: Melon
Scientific Name: Melothria
Family Name: Cucurbitaceae
Common Name: Balsampear
Scientific Name: Momordica charantia
Family Name: Cucurbitaceae
Common Name: Skunk Vine
Scientific Name: Paederia foetida
Family Name: Rubiaceae
Common Name: Virginia creeper
Family Name: Vitaceae
Scientific Name: Passiflora suberosa
Family Name: Passifloraceae
Common Name: Smilax
Scientific Name: Smilax bona-nox
Family Name: Smilacaceae
Scientific Name: Trachelospermum asiaticum
Family Name: Apocynaceae
Common Name: Purple Heart
Scientific Name: Tradescantia pallida
Family Name: Commelinaceae
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